About Dun-Rite Auto Detailing

Over 12 Years Experience

DUN-RITE Car Wash and Detailing will provide services such as: exterior car washing, (wet sanding, over spray removal – NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE) interior cleaning and complete detailing.

DUN-RITE has no true competitors in the area that are trying to offer a higher quality service for a reasonable rate. Most are trying to compete on price alone.

Also, treating employees well and training them carefully should result in excellent service for our customers. Satisfied and well-treated employees are far more likely to provide high levels of customer service than an employee who is not happy and feels taken advantage of.

DUN-RITE will also be the only car wash in the area to offer an unconditional “Clean Guarantee” to all its customers. If a customer isn’t satisfied with the quality of our cleaning services, we will immediately re-wash or re-detail the car.

This guarantee will reinforce the high-quality image that DUN-RITE wants to maintain in the community.